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It’s the year 2040, Earth is deteriorating and it is up to us to find a new planet to live on. What will the future of mankind look like?


Project Blast-off was a 2-day STEM event held on May 22nd and 23rd. It was made for students to use their STEM skills and cultivate a space journey and invention to a chosen planet for the continuation of the human species. 


Spoiler: It was a HUGE success. The Sparkin’ STEM team worked tirelessly to plan and execute the event, and the hard work finally paid off. Throughout the event, students were able to research, design, experiment, and tackle challenges, working to deepen their understanding of STEM and its impact on our world!


Project Blast-off Statistics:


  • 15 Teams 

  • 60 Attendees 

  • 20 Executive Members Assisting

  • 45% of our participants were female-identifying 

  • Almost $100 in prizes!


From the entire Sparkin’ STEM team, we thank all the attendees for making this event more memorable than ever. We hope to see you soon!