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Don't Believe Us?

Hear what students from past Sparkin' STEM events have to say!

“The workshops were really fun! I enjoyed every single bit. The instructors were really good with explaining everything, and the workshops overall were very informative.”


- Vaishvi B (10 years old)

“The live workshops were educational and taught me a lot about physics, astronomy and minecraft coding. Overall each session was interesting and I'm interested in participating in more Sparkin' STEM initiatives in the future!”


- Joginder D (12 years old)

“The Kahoots were enjoyable and educational! Not only were we having fun, but we were also learning new things related to science, technology, etc. I also really liked how there were questions based off of movies/shows as themes. That just made the learning even more fun! The experiments were very exciting and they definitely showed me science in action. It was an amazing hands-on way to learn about science!”

- Diya Singh (13 years old)

"Sparkin' STEM was my first ever conference that I went to and I loved it. The volunteers made me feel so welcome. My favourite part was the DNA extraction activity because I learned something new about the process of it. I also enjoyed the icebreakers because I got to meet so many new people. As soon as I left the conference, I knew I definitely want to go to Sparkin' STEM 2019!"

- Riya Vachhani (10 years old)

"Sparkin’ STEM was a great conference that I went to because after all the presentations and activities I learned so much and now I can take all the information I learned and teach it to my friends and family. Whenever there is another opportunity like this, I encourage others to go because of all the new things you will learn from attending."


- Manveen Bagri (12 years old)

"The Sparkin’ Stem conference hosted by Allspark9 was a great experience for me. I was able to listen to many experienced people in the STEM field. I especially enjoyed the STEMAZING Race which was a great challenge. I encourage many others to attend Allspark9’s events in the future because they are a great way to get interested in STEM and you learn about skills that can be applied to any career if STEM is not your cup of tea."

- Hargunpreet Kalra (12 years old)

"At the conference, there were many speakers educating us about how to be successful in life using STEM. One thing that I learned from one of the speakers was to never give up pursuing your dreams. I really enjoyed this STEM Conference and can’t wait to come back this year!"


- Avneet Kabli (12 years old)

"We thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this event as it got us interested in Robotics. This program was well-organized and the organizers were very friendly. We would like to come for the event this year [2019] too."

- Madhura & Maanasa Ganapathy (12 years old)

"I attended the Sparkin' STEM conference and I had a great time. It was a great experience. I loved how we were all put into groups with people we did not know. It was great because we would have to spend time with new people which helped me gain a new friend. Now, her and I go to Robotics together. I also liked all the cool experiments, especially where we found the DNA of strawberries."

- Ekjot Juneja (12 years old)

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